Las Vegas Says Goodbye to the Sirens of TI

Out With the Old, in With the New: Saying Goodbye to the Sirens of TI

by Karen Scott

The Sirens of T.I.Over the length of time our wonderful city of Las Vegas has been here, it has seen many come and go. This doesn’t qualify just people, but the shows, restaurants, and even casinos that have come and gone during Vegas history. It is sad to see some of these beloved attractions go and leave folk with a strange sense of nostalgia. It has finally come to that time again, out with the old, in with the new. It is time to say goodbye to the girls in skimpy siren costumes, and the shirtless pirate boys they dance around. Yes, “Sirens of TI” has been on a break, but officials are now saying that the sirens song has finally come to an end.

Sirens of TI was a free show that featured sexy dancers, pirates, pirate ships, and pyrotechnics. IT had taken the place of a show that once played to large crowds since 1993. Of course though, Sirens of TI was a more sexed-up version of that show, and made it 10 years before finally being declared canceled. It just didn’t seem as popular as it once was, especially with the way everything is upgrading, changing, or renovating up and down the Vegas Strip. What is to come of this area now that the pirates and sirens are no longer a threat?

The man-made lagoon has been drained, and construction crews have sent in machinery to All that is left of the Siren's Lagoonstart working on a 48,000-square-foot, three-story retail space. Plans have been made in order to replace the lagoon, in order to do what Vegas does best. Replace it with something else! In that area will reside a pharmacy and many other shops to provide guests with something more modern and ‘hip’ than a 10-year-old pirate show. Regardless, Las Vegas aims to please, and these shops will do just that!

Las Vegas Welcomes New Downtown Container Park

A New Place to Have a Few Drinks and Get Shopping Done

by Karen Scott

Las Vegas Downtown Container Park Although there is already many varying shops scattered throughout downtown Las Vegas, before Black Friday was the well anticipated opening of the ‘Downtown Container Park‘. I’m sure many eager shopping lovers are rather excited by this news. Especially seeing how one of the last requirements before its’ grand opening is obtaining a necessary liquor license. Not only can you have access to plenty of new shops, but a drink or two as well, just to make your experience a little more interesting.

The Downtown Container Park has just enough to satisfy anyone. With 10 food and drink places, 8 clothing stores, 6 specialty retail stores, 5 art galleries and 5 business for home decor shops, who wouldn’t be excited to get some well needed shopping done? This park has been under construction for more than a year, but the wait is well worth it. The Downtown Container Park has been stated as being considered a key element when it comes to the expansion along East Fremont Street. A perfect place to add a little spice to the original and Vegas historical Fremont Street.

There is much to come from this newly added area, including hotel renovations near by, as Las Vegas Downtown Container Parkwell as plans for a multi-use space for office, retail, and other outlets. This is perfect for the Fremont Area, and is just what it needed. Not only can you observe the beautiful and famous Fremont Street Experience, but just a little further along its’ East side comes any shoppers dream. Just another fun and new area to visit during your next stay in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.

Las Vegas Pinches Tacos

After a Name Dispute, Comes Great Food

by Karen Scott

Delicious Food at Pinche's TacosVegas always a constant flow of customers, and a seemingly never ending growth of   restaurants sprouting up. You think with all the consistancy, something as simple as a name couldn’t  be the cause of a simple, tasty restaurant’s opening being postponed. Well, surprisingly this is the case for Pinches Taco’s. It sounds silly, and honestly, it really is. Especially for being a simple and delicious Mexican restaurant just trying to open its doors.

A Las Vegas councilman suggested a name change because Latinos in downtown Las Vegas had told him “pinches” was basicly a Spanish profanity that was highly frowned upon. This worried the councilman, mostly because he didn’t want to negatively impact the young Latino population in the area. Javier Anaya begs to differ and argues otherwise. Anaya’s family has four of their restaurants in California, as well as one in Alabama, and the name stood fine. Anaya explained that the name “Pinches” comes from a story his grandmother told him and his Delicious Food at Pinche's Tacosbrothers about their uncle whose name was “Pinche”. Basically, “pinches” was derived from that.

The settlement is finally over thankfully, and Pinches Tacos can keep it’s name. The food is amazing, and it will be completely worth the visit, as well as super tasty for anyone who likes to endulge in cuisine a little south of the border.

Las Vegas Just Might End Up Going Solar

With Great Sun Comes Great Power…Or at Least a Few Different Ideas

by Karen Scott

Las Vegas LightsEach and every day, Las Vegas uses almost unfathomable amounts of energy to literally bring the shining city to life. All day and night, constant flow of lights and sounds echo around casino floors. From night until morning, the dark sky is lit up by a vast number of lights. It is to no wonder nor surprise that folks who support solar power see great potential to bringing this change of energy to the Las Vegas Strip.

Elon Musk, the man behind PayPal, Tesla Motors, and also the chairman of Solar City has taken a great interest in the city for the same reasons. The entrepreneur had the opportunity to celebrate SolarCity’s valley debut. Musk and his SolarCity team hope to develop solar system manufacturing, as well as distribution centers in Southern Nevada. With solar energy available, not only would the Las Vegas Strip better its energy consumption, but the local houses, apartments, stores, shops, and everything in between as well. It would truly take a large step into bettering our Earth and ourselves as well. Real Las Vegas escorts for hire.

At least Las Vegas is taking Solar City Headquarters in Las Vegasthe first few steps into creating a healthier planet, and to do at least a little something to prevent much further destruction from energy consumption. It will also help out any of the locals who have large energy usage bills. More sun, more of a chance to save! It is better to start now than never, and at least Las Vegas is definitely starting to make a wonderful change for our world.

Las Vegas Never Fails to Thrill

Get Your Thrill Fix on the Las Vegas Strip

by Karen Scott

Vegas has fun not just for you, but your kids too    As always expected, Las Vegas does what it can to please all of their visitors… even those who aren’t quite 21 yet. That may seem remotely hard to believe, due to having the reputation of being the ‘adult playground’. I can assure you though that there are some things to do for minors and those under 21. Hence the arcades and thrill rides scattered up and down the strip. If another hotel/casino isn’t being planned to be open, it is usually another thrill ride for those who want something other than the typical casino experience.

Recently, talk of a new thrill ride, a roller coaster in fact, has been circling the strip. Plans have been submitted in April to build the whopping 650 foot tall roller coaster…. or what they call, the ‘Polercoaster‘. Trust me, it doesn’t have anything to do with strippers either. The roller coaster would be known as the tallest roller coaster in the world, and like its name states, the ride itself goes up, down, and around the center core which contains two glass elevators for those who just want to look, but not necessarily ride.

The Polercoaster closely resembles the Stratosphere, with a round top, dining, retail, and even an observation deck included. Yet, the Stratosphere stands at a glorious 1,149 feet… therefore making it taller still. The entire structure has been mapped out to be near the Tropicana, but the agency wanting to construct the Polercoaster must assess any potential hazard that may come up involving the many planes flying in and out of McCarran International Airport. Talk about thrill rides… I don’t think anyone would be too fond of being struck by a plane. This is the main piece Las Vegas Polorcoasterthat still has not fallen into place to seal the deal. Vegas escort entertainers.

Until that day, we can most likely expect the Polercoaster up and running sometime soon, as with most construction projects upon the Las Vegas Strip. For now, you can enjoy one, or even more, of the other thrill rides the strip has to offer. And boy do they have quite the selection to chose from! I’m positive any thrill seeker will enjoy any of these fantastic rides to choose from.

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Las Vegas Brings Clean Air and Less Smoke to the Strip

Smokers Can’t be Choosers

by Karen Scott

Break the smoking habit! Anywhere you go, there are smokers to be found. Then again, anyone could have told you that. It is completely obvious, and apparently unashamed and unwavering in addiction. Folks like their cancer, whose to say who can and cannot get cancer? Joking guys… But in all seriousness, smokers and non-smokers have been battling since cigarettes have been around.

It is understandable, is it not? One wants the simple, 10 minute pleasure of a cigarette while the other wishes for clean air and less smoke. Nevada has the ‘Clean Air’ act going on, which prevents smokers from smoking wherever they please. This leaves the air clean and smoke free for the non-smokers. Pretty fair right? Well what about taking it another step and involving cigarette smoking in the choice of whether you get hired for a job or not.

Currently, it is in fact illegal for an employer to discriminate against anyone who uses tobacco products outside of their work. Well, as long as it doesn’t interfere with safety or job performance. But what about such places as a hospital? When you’re sick, would you want your doctor or nurse to come back from break smelling of cigarette smoke? Especially if you are a non-smoker? This is exactly Senator Joe Hardy of Boulder City is thinking. There are certain jobs that really would benefit from lack of cigarette smoking. Why not lean towards the idea of actually, not smoking? What a thought! An entire hospital of non-smokers… that must lead to a lot of people going through withdrawal…
Time to put those butts out
Personally, I think its a good idea to have employers decide whether or not they want smokers working on their team. It leaves the employer with the decision completely based on personal preference and logic, and the smoker sitting on the fence of whether they get the job or not. Addiction pays, people. In a large city, such as Las Vegas, I’m sure many Las Vegas escort employees aren’t going to be to stoked about this change. But hey, your lungs will thank us.

Ouch, Even Las Vegas Has Its Limits

A Few Racial Slurs Go a Long, Long Way, Even in a City Like Las Vegas

by Karen Scott

Paula Deen

There isn’t really any way that folks aren’t familiar with Paula Deen, the popular celebrity chef.

You probably may know her from her books, shows, or maybe even the fact she has a fascination with putting unspeakable amounts of butter in just about all her dishes. Regardless, this celebrity chef has found a new path of fame by being dropped from not only the Food Network, but as Smithfield Foods spokeswoman, and even the Caesars Entertainment Corp.

It may seem kind of odd for Caesars Entertainment to be on the list of those who aren’t really cheering for the butter-loving star chef, but believe me, they most certainly have their reasons. In case you weren’t

aware, Paula found herself in some hot water when she admitted to making racial slurs in the past. I mean, most people do at some point in their life or another, but it must have been pretty bad for everyone to just drop Deen and causally walk away.

This situation has caused Deen’s contract for the Food Network to not be renewed, and Caesars One of Paula Deen's RestaurantsEntertainment, who has served its business relationship with the chef, has decided to back out as well. The resort plans to rename and re-brand Deen’s four themed restaurants located at a few of Caesar Entertainment’s properties later on this year. Ouch. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Either way, I’m sure Paula’s apology will be heard somewhere… and Caesars Entertainment will provide more fabulous restaurants in Deen’s place. There is always a winner on the famous Las Vegas escorts Strip, just not so much if you act a fool and say things that aren’t very nice.


A New Way to View the Las Vegas Strip

Go Big or Go Home: Observing the Observation Wheel

by Karen Scott

Construction of Las Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel Las Vegas most certainly comes across as a place for high rollers and big spenders. Especially with all the current wave of construction and renovations that have swept across the city streets. This adult playground absolutely has become something great, as well as partially crowded and very flashy. Regardless, Vegas sure knows how to keep the tourists flowing and the guests coming back for more and more. Being a city that continuously grows and has more and more to offer, who wouldn’t want to come back to see all the new sights and sounds ?

Another special surprise brought to you by Caesars Entertainment Corporation, is the newest development high above the Las Vegas Strip called the ‘High Roller’. A fitting name for a Vegas attraction. The High Roller is a $550 million, 550 foot tall observation wheel in the making. This high above the sky wheel is located above the 1,200 foot pedestrian walkway at the Linq entertainment district, which is still undergoing construction between the Flamingo and Imperial Palace.

Once completed, the high roller will literally be the largest observation wheel in the world. This is Las Vegas High Roller Observation Wheeleven counting the London Eye and even the Singapore Flyer. With 28 glass-enclosed cabins that have a capacity of 40 people each, guests will be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful Vegas escorts and stunning views of the Strip. A single revolution on this fantastic wheel will take about 30 minutes. A wonderful and luxurious time to relax as you take in the amazing sights and sounds of the city like never before. Hopefully by your very own Las Vegas vacation, you’ll be able to ride the wondrous new observation wheel. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful city from a whole new perspective.

Living the Las Vegas Dream

From Public to Private, Enjoy a Slice of Las Vegas Heaven for a Price

by Karen Scott

High Roller Life in Las Vegas There is very little of Las Vegas that is strictly private to it’s guests. That is, unless you’d either shell out a good sum of money to be some sort of ‘exclusive’ member in Las Vegas escorts society. If you can’t necessarily afford to be a ‘high roller’, perhaps for something a tad bit cheaper, you can get a taste of what the high life is like on the Las Vegas Strip. This has become an option for the Bagatelle Beach Club, renamed Havana Room and Beach Club. Connected to the Tropicana, this pool, restaurant, and club has been officially closed to the public, and open to exclusively host any private functions.

For the past six months, the former Bagatelle Beach Club has doubled as a restaurant and day club, open to the public. Rather than having  casual public guests participate, there was more of a continuous demand for more large, private events. Being located next to the Tropicana, anyone could understand why this club has more demand for private functions. These private guests have the perfect view of the Strip, while they relax Former  Bagatelle Beach Club and enjoy their little piece of heaven.

Of course, with any great change such as this, there must be some significant upgrades made in order to keep that ‘exclusive’ feel. The addition of a pool was included, as well as a 3,000 seat staging area and sandy volleyball court. The separate entrance to the exclusive, private club has been decorated in bright cobalt blue and white designs. A wonderful redecoration to make those special private guests feel even more special during their exclusive stay on the beautiful Las Vegas Strip.