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Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas isn’t the Entertainment Capital of the World for Nothing!

by Karen Scott

All aWelcome to Las Vegas cross America are seemingly countless sights to see. Landmarks scatter the country from West to East, North to South, there is always a historical adventure around the corner. With so many famous sights and sounds, it is obviously pretty difficult to rank a favorite, or name a ‘most interesting’ ruler of them all. What about more modern history? Not so much of a ’1776′ kind of thing, but on the fairly newer side of t he history scale?

TripAdvisor has in fact concluded what is to be the number one landmark in the UniteBellagio Fountainsd States based on all the millions of reviews on TripAdvisor.com. More than 1,263 attractions which include parks, amusement parks, and museums were honored in the selection for Travelers’ Choice Attractions Awards. Guess what came in first? Not necessarily a national historical treasure, but actually Las Vegas’ Bellagio Fountains at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino.

I’m honestly a tad bit surprised as seeing as the other 9 runner ups included the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, Broadway in New York, Gettysburg National Military Park in Gettysburg. Never the less, I’m sure Las Vegas adult entertainers are pretty proud to hear the news of its placement as number one. Who wouldn’t be? Especially competing with some pretty old and historical landmarks. I guess nothing really quite beats the sights and sounds of fountains dancing to a variety of music. Kudos Las Vegas, kudos.

What Happens In Vegas…Costs $250,000!

Vegas high rollers pay to push the “Red Button”.

Red button costs $250,000 and controls the Bellagio Fountains. Anyone traveling to Las Vegas slightly has the expectation to live like a king during their stay. Or so it seems. Las Vegas is full of extravagance, as well as countless ways to spend money…especially if you are what they call a ‘high roller’. You know, the folks who are able to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on whatever their heart desires. Even if it means dropping a whopping $250,000 just to push a simple, shiny red button.

True story. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino has an offer to high rollers in their nightclub, Hyde Bellagio, to have a chance at controlling the famed dancing fountains. All for the price of $250,000. Once the fountains have been shut down for the night, a butler delivers the guest a gold box Red button costs $250,000 and controls the Bellagio Fountains.containing the red button, and a menu of fountain songs for the guest’s pleasure. One push of this button sets off around 4,700 lights, and 1,200 fountains.

To be fair, the special high roller package comes with a 30-liter bottle of Ace of Spades champagne, which is about the equivalent of 40 normal sized bottles. I guess the guests get a little something for spending that much money on a button. This deal has been available at the Bellagio for three months so far, but nobody has decided that this is the best way to spend a chunk of money. No one has taken up the offer quite yet.Red button costs $250,000 and controls the Bellagio Fountains.

Honestly, it would be pretty damn hard for me to believe that anyone in their right mind, money bags or not, wouldn’t even imagine spending such a large portion of money on something as simple and quick as the push of a button. But hey, it is completely their own trip. Everyone deserves the feeling of extravagance, even if it does mean a deep desire to push a button.

by Karen Scott
Author – Contributor www.702escorts.com